President Adeline Moore

Oct 7th

We’ve been talking about national landmarks and symbols in our Social Studies lessons lately.  We’ve learned all about the bald eagle, Liberty Bell, American flag, etc.  Today was our White House Day.

Pretty much I’ve just been feeding her facts and we’ve been doing a craft on the symbols each day. Information and crafts are her two favorite things, so this little unit has been a hit.  Today we decided to do a little video tour of the White House. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work, but the website did have an awesome little activity on the oval office.

The first step was proclaiming Adeline the president.  When I said, “Adeline! You were elected president of the United States!” she began to nervously giggle and shake a little. With those words, my girl thought she was actually the president.  Goodness, after we typed her name, the internet even said it!  She was giddy, but then the gravity of it all hit her pretty fast.

“Wait! I don’t meet any of the requirements! I’m only six!  I don’t make good choices!’

She was obviously relieved when I told her that it was just for pretend and sake of the activity.  She loosened up a bit and was able to properly settle into her new office.


Activity found here.