Homeschooling: The Hard Days

Oct 1st

I am so grateful to those of you who have expressed that my last post was encouraging to you. I have been asked questions about how we do what we do with the other two little ones, what subjects we cover, and what curriculum we use.  I know there are moms of six, seven, or more that do it, but I thought I would share today what a homeschool day looks like for us.

Today it looks like this:

This is Adeline having a biscuit and a smoothie with her Papa at a restaurant.  She’s currently on a hard reboot.

Monday and Tuesday were great homeschool days.  We made a model of the layers of Earth out of clay, we learned about the Liberty Bell, took a virtual tour of the Statue of Liberty, and Adeline spelled words like ‘couldn’t’ and ‘wren’ without issue.  But today my love woke up in a foul mood…and I kind of did, too.  She refused to do her chores properly, refused to pick up a giant mess she helped make, and was sassy and contrary.  I yelled. She yelled.  She cried.  Papa swooped in to save the day, taking her out for a reboot. Today she will dust the church while he has a meeting, go to the barber with him, perhaps visit parishioners, and take the car for an oil change.  She will have time without me and with her (excellent) Papa.  I’ve enjoyed time with the two littlest Moore girls and even a little quiet time to myself as I write this.

It is hard to be together all of the time.  It’s hard to do work when you’re supremely grumpy.  When the two are combined, sometimes everyone needs a day off.  I’m glad I didn’t send her off to school today knowing that she would be a stinker to her teacher. I’m glad we have the flexibility to say, “We are not at our best today. We will make no progress.”  I know that’s not 100% the real world, but a go-easy day sometimes does far more good than pushing on.

Hopefully tomorrow I can share an outline of our homeschool day, but today we’re taking a small break. Though our aim is something beautiful, and I believe our reasons for homeschooling are good, it is a shaky ride some days.